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Septic Pumping & Maintenance in Freeland, MD

Expand the life of your septic system with services from Blevins Septic Service. Our septic service company in Freeland, Maryland, provides septic pumping and maintenance for residential and commercial properties.
Man with skid loader - Septic repair in Freeland, MD
Septic truck - Septic repair in Freeland, MD
We recommend that you receive regular maintenance. However, determining the frequency depends on your water and garbage disposal usage, the number of occupants, and more.

Pumping & Maintenance

When you request our pumping and maintenance service, you receive a septic tank cleaning and inspection. This provides the customer with important information on how your septic system is functioning and if future repairs can be avoided or may be needed.
Between maintenance services, keep your system working efficiently by reading our tips.
Contact us to request home or office septic tank pumping and maintenance services.